SAP BAPI Uipath activity generate a rfc log when gets an error


I’m trying to use Uipath BAPI Activity and when it gets an error a log RFC file is generated inside the project folder. This seems to be a problem because when I run it from the orchestrator it also generate inside the package this log file, anyone know a way to prevent this to happen in order to not create garbage inside my orchestrator package folder?

Diogo Nunes

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Hello Diogo,
as far as you can read here in the SAP Community it is possible, but it seems not possible with the UiPath BAPI Actvitiy. You can set in the Advanced Parameters of the BAPI Activity the Trace RfcConfigParameter to 0, but as far as I can see it is not possible to set the TraceDirectory property of the RfcTrace class. As far as I know uses the UiPath BAPI Activity only the Trace class of the System.Diagnostics namespace, so that switching off the log from SAP NCo should be possible without any problems. Why not make a suggestion for improvement ( → to @LevKushnir )?
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HI @NunesDio @StefanSchnell

This is controlled by a SAP .Net Connector configuration setting RfcTrace.DefaultTraceLevel (defaultTraceLevel) It can be set as follows in the scope activity to disable tracing for both design connection and robot connection. But you should understand which setting to use for your purpose. Setting to 0 will stop producing this log file.

Best regards, Lev

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Excellent @LevKushnir, thank you very much.

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