SAP BAPI Process Hangs - Incorrect Input in Program execution

Hello all,
I am working on a requirement of retrofitting an SAP automated process completely to a background processing automation. The current solution has key SAP processes already automated using UiPath SAP GUI. However because the client doesn’t want the process to run on the UI, we evaluated the SAP BAPI processes. We have managed to cover 95% of the requirement however when posting the document, if the posting date is wrong or the posting period isn’t open, the SAP system is not responding back to UiPath.
Fixes that I have put to address this:

  1. Created a pre-check component to see if the posting period is open. If not to see if the back dated posting authorization is open.
  2. Used the workflow timeout. (This is not working either)
    In both these scenarios, I am not addressing the main issue that SAP is not responding back to UiPath if there is an error.

What I have found out:

  1. Normal time out doesn’t work. I got a SAPFreezeHandler from forum. Will be trying that to address the timeout.
  2. When a wrong posting period is given, the SAP system is in fact erroring out. However it is throwing the error on GUI instead of sending it back in the BAPIRET2 argument.

Can you share any suggestions if you have seen anything like this before?