SAP BAPI Package - SAProuter Parameter Missing

Hello UiPath Team,

today I tried your Manage Packages functionalitiy and I found a package called UiPath.SAP.BAPI.Activities.


After the successful installation of this package I wanted to try it, but I can’t. To connect my SAP backend system I need the SAProuter parameter but your package doesn’t offer the possibility to set it.

But in some cases is this parameter necessary.


Could it be possible that you add this connection parameter to your next release of your package? That would be great.

This parameter is exactly the same as Language, User, Client, etc.


Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your feedback. We will consider adding this parameter to the activity pack. Until we do so, you can add it by including the below key in appSettings in the UiPath.Studio.exe.config (for Studio) and UiPath.Executor.exe.config (for Robot). These config files are found in your UiPath installation folder.

    <add key="SAP.BAPI.SAPRouter" value="your_saprouter_string"/>

You can also use this mechanism to configure other RfcConfigParameters of the SAP .NET Connector such as LogonGroup, CodePage etc. The key is specified as SAP.BAPI.<parameter_name>.

Hope this helps.


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Hello Bhushan,
thank you very much for your message. And also thank you for effort to implement this field and the tip to set SAProuter string, that is good to know. :slightly_smiling_face:
Best regards

Hello - we don’t need to specify the router, but we ARE (like many companies) set up on SSO for SAP - so whether it is a human or a robot it matters not - we choose the SAP system and are logged on without specifying a user id or password for SAP. How do we get around the ID and password on this screen? @Bhushan.Khadpe

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Hi Mare,

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into supporting SSO with the BAPI package. I will provide an update shortly.