SAP BAPI Activity Error with Unspecific Message

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Hello UiPath Developer Team,
this evening I tried the version 2.1, 2.2 and 2.21 of your SAP BAPI activities. For test purposes I used the BAPI_FLIGHT_GETDETAIL. The BAPI expects in the field FLIGHDATE a string with the length of 8 characters. But I put a date like 11.04.2020 into the field, like in the BAPI mask of SAP - my fault.


In version 2.1.0 I got a very good error message. On this way was it possible to found the my error very fast.


I saw in the interface of BAPI that this field is of type DATS, so the correct input is 20200411.

In version 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 I got this error message.


This error message gave me no idea what the reason of the error is. In the older version I got an error message from the NCo, in the newer versions I got a system error.

Would it be possible to display the NCo error messages again? This would make troubleshooting a lot easier.

Thanks for all your support and effort.
Best regards

HI @StefanSchnell

Good point, let me check what went wrong, and why human-readable error message is not displayed anymore.

Thanks, Lev

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