SAP Automation with Scripting Blocked

Any alternative solution to Automate a process in SAP where scripting is blocked? Scripting is blocked for some security reason so is there any robust option to automate such process in SAP?

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I kind of think you should work with IT or SAP admins on allowing the Scripting enabled (and notification off), which is simply set in the Options in SAP. If scripting is disabled, they are basically telling their company that they don’t believe in process speed, efficiency, and standardization… but that’s my opinion.

The alternative might be to use the SAP web portal instead of the GUI. I think many are using the web interaction for SAP… plus, it allows single sign on through the security standards.



Thank you for your suggestion. But do you think OCR might be a good option in terms of efficiency since scripting is disabled

I haven’t done it as like a Citrix, so I couldn’t tell you for sure. The UiPath ComputerVision activities could help you there. But, if not, you can also use OCR and Keystrokes to automate SAP, except that I’m not sure if scripting needs to be enabled or not for that to be possible.

Thanks. I will surely test it well and verify these

Hello m.marcharchand,

I had to go through the same type of event in my company. Sometimes your security IT team does not know how to enable it or believes it is an add on program. I had to write a business case for our company to turn it on different instances of SAP. Check out the link below to help you get started on showing how SAP scripting it from SAP and it completely safe to turn on.

SAP Scripting Link

If you feel like you have more questions on how the process works behind the scenes, let me know. There is always the option for your IT team to only turn scripting on for certain user profiles and not for everyone.

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Watch this video about scipting in SAP with c#.
SAP GUI Scripting C#