SAP Automation Type into function doesn't choose field properly

Hi all,

i came across the following problem, i’ve developed a process in SAP environment which is working properly. However, the SAP Scripting was deactivated shortly and the IT reactivated it for me.

After that, i have the following problem in using Type Into function in SAP:

I can choose the input field with type into activity, and i want to type “EN” into the language field


However, the “EN” was typed in the user field which is the current field


I have also tried with “activate” and “click before typing” but it still doesn’t work


The only way worked for me, was to actually use “Click” to locate the current input field before “Type into” activity however, that means i need to adjust a lot of my steps in the program.

Do you guys have any ideas what might be the cause of this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance and BR