SAP automation - selector query - very big selectors

Hello guys ,

While trying to automate SAP app , I am getting big selectors like below during spying using ’ Type Into’ activity -

How can I see if this is a reliable selector. Is there any way to do this or any setting which I am missing?

Please guide me on the same.




Welcome to our UiPath community.

Yes for some Transaction codes we will get this kind of selectors.

Check selector for multiple times by closing the page and reopen and then see. If you find any attribute value is changing then use wild card entries like “*” or “?” to make reliable selector.

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Hii @gokul1904

while doing SAP Automation, most of the times SAP ids are unique and reliable (unless and untill that particular transaction has new updates)

as advised by @lakshman just check whether ids are changing or not by continuous closing & reopening that particular page ,

there is no need to worry about length of selector .


you can also open uiExplorer and see if there are better properties you can select,

e.g. a lot of fields in SAP have a tooltip property thats equal to the fieldname e.g. title/firstname/lastname.

However if you only select the tooltip and ignore the id the robot will take longer to recognize the field (or not recognize it at all) so its better to keep the ID in the selector or tick both. The id is reliable by itself as mentioned above

adding another property that can quickly let you identify the field (e.g. tooltip) in addition to id might make it easier for debugging etc

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HI @gokul1904

Here is the answer:

I would say, even SAP IDs are up to 99,9% stable and reliable. It does not matter how long/big it is.

You as a User doing automation, I as a UiPath taking care about technique in background.

No worries at all. UiPath is certified by SAP for SAP WinGUI automation.

Thanks @amalmarella & @lakshman !

Best regards, Lev


@LevKushnir @lakshman @amalmarella @jack.chan thank you for your valuable inputs!

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