SAP Automation Robot ignores page after completing workitem

Hi Forum,

I discovered some weird error recently.
I made an SAP Automation (reading E-Mails, scrape Data and fill the Data in SAP)
They´re some decisions etc in the workflow, but for one special case I run into a weird error.

When the Robot finishes the workitem, he navigates back, download new items from Orchestrator and fill the gaps again. In one particulary case (they´re two types of Data with several different items) he finishes, goes back, download and immdiately jump´s from the first page to the second page without replacing the old data with the new (on the first page) and runs then into an Selector-Error because he dont find the fields from the first page.

The really strange thing is that he log´s after completing the predecessor workflow all steps for the new workitem too, but on screen he just jumps one SAP-Page ahead.
Anyone experienced that too?

Thanks a lot!