SAP Automation Issue- Line Items Page

Hello Everyone,

Using ZFI tcode uploading file in SAP to get Vendors list, while running from bot SAP page is loading and loading Vendors Line item page is not displaying.

Same manually I tried uploading file path able to see Vendor line Item Page.
Please kindly suggest why in runtime Vendor line items page is not appearing and manually its appearing Is it SAP issue or Uipath issue?

Hi @Soni_Reddy2

If running from

  • Orchestrator, check Orchestrator logs
  • Robot, check execution logs
  • Studio, check the studio logs or run in debug mode with checkpoint enabled/selected


Thanks for reply.

Running bot from Uipath Studio In debug mode its running fine. Without Debug mode SAP page is loading and loading kindly suggest what may be the issue?.

Hi @Soni_Reddy2

It seems to be a synchronization issue. With Studio in debug mode the execution runs slower than running with Robot only.

Please note this: you are automating the User Interface or UI, the UI has to be fully loaded, available, and ready before the Robot starts running the next activity. You have to manually control the Robot execution by adding UI synchronization activities to wait until the UI element is ready. Depending on your setup, there could be thin blue line running on top indicating the page is loading even though the UI appears ready.

Hi @GreenTea,

I have already added UI synchronization activities in project depends upon page load and time still facing same issue

Hi @Soni_Reddy2

Have you check the execution logs [recent or related execution logs] ? What is on the last line ?