Sap automation in uipath academy

HI all

I have enrolled sap automation training in uipath ,i downloaded practice exercises to run in studio.But how to install sap application to execute academy exercise.In academy they have not given any link to download sap application …some1 please help me out

SAP can only be tested if you have any enterprise SAP application is installed on your office machine.

It is not possible to install SAP on local machines and test.

The videos in academy is to give an idea about SAP automation.

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Hi @rohanjs94

To add to what @KarthikByggari mentioned, Not having the SAP application is not a blocker in completing the course. It’s just a matter of applying what you already learned from Level 1, 2 and 3 courses. Understand the concept and how things can be done and how to play around. That’s the idea… This will help you figure out the way forward in completing your course…

Good luck and Happy automating!! :slight_smile:


Thank you buddy for your responce

thats great,thank you buddy