SAP Automation Error Handling

Hi All,

I am new to SAP Automation.

Kindly share your experiences while doing SAP Automation. Also, share the do’s and dont’s.

And how to handle the pop-ups and error messages in the status bar of the SAP Application.

Thank you.

Kindly have a view on this thread
It has got an example as well

Cheers @Arunvs2007

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I have already gone through the documentations.

Hi @Arunvs2007 : SAP is a very stable applications for automation ,
1)please make sure to give proper checks in terms of element found , image found etc after moving to next page
2) rely on hotkeys more in SAP as it has got very stable shortcut keys associated with each button . Ask your SME for more details .
3)Use explorer for better selectors .
4) For handling pop ups, use parallel activity or retry scope until the popups disappear

Please let us know if you face any specific issues .And you will find many articles and discussions on SAP automation.

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Thank you for the response.

Will Go through all the related articles and will contact for further help.