SAP Automation after right click don't work

Hi, i want to click after right click target, but it always do wrong click/error after right click. Please help.

please shows us the selector of the element.

do you mean like below ?


Fine-tune your selector with aaname=“Details”

i did that before but shows error, let me try again.

Use UiExplorer to get most unique attribute for the selector.

so i have to select one of the visual tree here? and when i got, what i have to do?
newbie here.

Click on the element in the visual tree and have selected items on the other side listed the various attributes of the element. Choose the attribute relevant to detail element.

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Thank you very much, it’s work, so after indicate i open the ui Explorer, click repair, then tick the target, so the rpa can click more accurately as above, maybe i can help others. thanks.

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