Sap api integration

is to possible fo uipath robot to validate gst number in SAP? … like if any vendor enter gst number the bot has to give output as gst number is valid or invalid instantly .bot has to use api calls to fetch output data to sap from 3rd party websites


Yes, possible. I do not see any reason, why UiPath Robot cannot valid any kind of information.

Just build the workflow and show robot what to do and he will do it for you days&nights

Best regards, Lev

thanks lev …let me be more specific with my question… could u plz provide any similar use case for sap api integration where bot will be triggered when customer enters gst num in sap table then bot has to validate from 3rd party website whether gst num is valid or not through api call?

Hi @Chetan_N

As you can recognise from my title I am Product Manager responsible for SAP Automation and I have just confirmed to you, that yes we can cover your use case.

From product point of view, this is a pretty straight forward scenarios:

  • trigger an automation on a specific event
  • bot using 3rd party web service
  • bot performing the validation
  • using api calls

I do not have an exact scenario. So, I would say, now is your time to create this scenario and share with us the results.

Best regards, Lev

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