SAP & Anchors

Hi @Lev,

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:
I might have found another solution, by using the TAB-Key. I’m using the column “Alt./Abs. Type” and using TAB once gets me to the Start-Cell and using it twice gets me to the End-Cell. Problem is that I haven’t found anything which lets me enter a text :frowning:

@bcorrea: Yes I know tortoise, but I was hoping for integrated solution. Good to hear that it will get one :slight_smile:

@Cosin: I’m having an excel sheet with for columns (date, type, start & end), which I try to fill into the SAP WebGUI Line by Line. But the last two columns seems to be to dynamic and I can get temporary fix on it only :frowning: Would love to use Row & Column or XY-Coordinates, but I haven’t seen an activity for that yet.

I will try to move my little project to Studio Pro tomorrow. I have seen a few options there which might help.

Keep you updated. Thanks for all your support so far :slight_smile: