SAP Access With VPN Connect

Hiii, I’m New to UiPath studio. we use UiPath Community edition 2023.4.
We want to create a job for Automate SAP Operation in UiPath studio.
The UiPath Studio is installed on my system and the SAP application is installed on another system (the client computer). We want to automate SAP operations using UiPath. I am connected to VPN. Can I access the SAP Application on the client system?
The SAP client machine application requires a terminal login to the server since it is not a browser application.
Kindly help me .

yes it should be possible to do that

How ,Please explain me in Brief Or Give me reference document or tutorial link for same

u can use image automation, cv activities to do the same

Hi @ashwini.mali

You can try this-

Ensure that you have the UiPath SAP Automation package installed in UiPath Studio. Use the “Attach Window” activity from the UiPath SAP Automation package to establish a connection with the SAP application running on the client system. Configure the properties of the “Attach Window” activity to identify the SAP application window. You may need to provide the application’s title, class, or other identifying information.

Within the “Attach Window” activity, you can use various activities from the UiPath SAP Automation package to automate specific operations in SAP. These activities include reading data, inputting values, clicking buttons, selecting options, and more.

Test and debug your automation workflow within UiPath Studio to ensure it functions as expected. You can use the step-by-step debugging feature to troubleshoot any issues.


@Nitya1 this approach will only work if we have app in the same place where the UiPath is installed

Thank you for response ,Can You Guide me step by step .
Or give me and reference document @rajat.jain


This should help u , u can refer UiPath academy as well as youtube for the steps

Need to install SAP GUI on client system,When We Image base Automation Activity @rajat.jain