SAO logon: Returned login window is null

Good morning everyone
When I log SAP on machines that are in my country I have no problem, but when I log on to machines that are in another country an error message is returned: SAP Lgon: Returned login window is null.
I’ve seen if it was something that the “firewall” blocks, but it isn’t.

This is the 2020-11-27_Studio.log:
||HRESULT: 0x800405E8|
||Message: IDispatch error #1000|
||Description: SAP Logon connection entry not found|

Someone can help me ?

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Thanks to everyone who read.
I’ve solved the problem.
We still needed to activate SAP Script on the servers.
Using transaction RZ11 and change the parameter “sapgui / user_scripting” to “TRUE”.


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