Sample Test Cases

Hi Team,

I am preparing test script for executing my use case. If any of you have already done any real time implementation please share some sample test scripts which helps me some overall scope of how RPA testing needs to be taken

Hi @Deeipauk,

I try to help, Could you specify what kind of real-time you want?

What type of applications/processes involved in your test case?

It is restructure of Documents in Folder. Currently Emp directories are kept in D: drive which needs to moved to D:/BU,
There are 10 BU’s, Emp Directories Name will have Emp-Id, based on that I will pick BU from excel and will move these directories.

In General I need some idea of real use case testing in SIT which will help me frame the cases.

i need some test cases can any one send me.

have you prepared those test cases.kindly share with us