Sample doubts

  1. when i’m doing a basic record . App is in minimize and in the video when i see that the instructor is not clicking the minimize app. if i clicked on the mnimize app it is also recording. How to do that.

  2. is it necessary to create variable for every application?

  3. in the selector video, Instructor recorded the calculator app and he clicked on zero and completed the process. when i’m doing the same process the highlight button is zero but when i type the number which i want is not highlighted only the selected one is highlighting.

  4. i clicked on recording button in the studio a recording popup is opened and then i clicked on the record and that popup is minimized without clicking that minimized popup i want to save the record. how to do that?

  5. in the some videos the instructor done some example in the main only without selecting flowchart and sequence screen.

  6. In the video 63 i can see a screen named as highlight digits. How did the instructor take that.

  7. i want a video on explaination for tabs. For example if you take activites sections what are the fields available and how to use it and where to use.

  8. in the project section i can see dependencies. may I know what is the use?

  9. in the 63 video the instructor didnot showed the created variable. but used the variable. how the instructor worked.

If I get any doubts i will contact you back with this mail ID. i will be waiting for your response