Sample apps to use alongside the videos



Newbie question (first one ever too, hope this is the proper place!) here:

Regarding the video lessons, UiPath uses on the tutorials some sort of sample apps like ExpenseIt or My CRM (Sample App). My question is: where do I find or how can I get those sample apps?

I mean, shouldn’t be the “executable” files or programs provided for us to train alongside the videos?

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Here we go.
APP-CRM& (131.0 KB)

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Where can i found sample applications

Sir I’ve downloaded the CRM app. Can you give me the link of ExpenseIT too?


Hi @Soumik17,

Add Expences From (233.2 KB)

Inside the ZIP folder you can Windows application names “WPF_30_ANYCPU_ExpenseIt” install it.



Oh this one :smile: … I had it before. Never tried to install the application file :joy:

Thanks buddy