Same value problem in click text activity (click specific date in calendar)

Hi Friends,

The calendar is as below:

The activity I am currently using:

The error will occur when there have same value in the calendar, making the bot do not know which to choose. For an example, Date_DateofDespatch used in 5/5/2022 is 5. However, May also is 5, so error will pop up. I tried to use F3: only selecting the region under May 2022 but it doesn’t work…Any suggestions?

Thank you!!

Hello @Low_Hua_Kuan

Is the month value and day value is same in the selector?? For example aaname=5 for both???

Could you compare both the selectors. There should be some attribue which separates both.

Better to use Uiexplorer and validate.

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Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

Ya maybe the month value and day value is same in the selector, as I got activities before this to grab and compare the month and year value:

The activities screenshots are attached below:

The UiExplorer ss for month and year:

The Uiexplorer ss for date:


Is there any attribute tableCol in both selectors. If its different you can try that. Also if something constant in the selector you can replace with wildcard * as well