Same Regex works differently in studio versions. Bug?

Hi Guys!
Has everyone met the following problem: Different studio versions (2019.4.4 entreprise & 2019.10.0 community), need different REGEX patterns to read the same text.
In practice: I read invoice - do matches - get the result.
As investigation showed - text was read differently by two versions of the studio.

Is it a bug? If so - please take into account.


It’s weird issue. Are you sure it’s giving different results for same REGEX pattern ?

Absolutely sure. Tested by me and my manager. Same result…

@Pablito @loginerror

Could you please help @Slavich to resolve the issue.

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Hi @Slavich,
Can you paste the screenshot of bot so we could try to replicate it?
Please als check if you have same case sensitivity settings for both.

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Hi @Pablito,
I finally found the reason for that. Different libraries were used to read the PDF. They were: Read full PDF & Read PDF Text. Certainly, they read files differently.
Sorry for bothering you. The topic can be deleted.


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