Same Process not Working with Different Spec PC

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I have questioned regarding Robot.
Me and my team create robot for finance proces and set up the robot on 5 PC.
3 PC that we set up Robot were run smoothly (Resolution: 1366 x 768, processor: i5) but 2 others PC give the wrong output when execute the Indicate on Screen Process (same Resolution, processor: i7). This is surprise us, because as we know, processor should only effect the timing process.
My question is: Is the computer processor has effect for Robot? or what factor that can effect the Robot?
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I think Compute Processor has nothing to do with your issue. It may be due to screen resolution (which you mentioned taken care off).

So, Kindly check the selector in your code in the machines that are not working as intended, Identify whether the same selector works fine or not.

Mostly, In your case it may be due to selector issue, If it is not then check how it is behaving in the non-working machines.

Best Practice: Always use Maximize Activity (It may avoid some unneccessary problems).