Same process for selecting data from drop down is working in one pc but not running in another PC

Hi, how i select the reqired text from drop down list(Java Plug In). text or data is fixed .
previously i used “Sectect Item” activity in my PC for test basis it successfuly run but in client PC its not happening. is there any other way to select the fixed item from drop down list(java script plug in). Please help me out.

Hi @Md_Ziarul_Haque_Sark

You Just want to change the selectors to aaname

Or in click activity you can pass the variables in selectors

Or You can Indicate In visual Tree

If you have any doubts regarding this feel free to ask

Thank you,

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for Your reply. i am very beginer in ui path. it will be very helpful if the solution is elaborate.ok let me clear my problem first

In marked location i want to select TOC. i used
it successfully run but in my another PC its not woking. to solve in that PC what suppose to should i do.

Have you Used Click Activity one is for clicking Default and use other click activity to select the TOC and make sure selector will be aaname, I hope you may know about selectors