Same element trying to look for a dynamic

hi friends,
i have this element that has the same view icon i want to choose it based on the column

“To” based on the dynamically changing names. i have the name on a excel sheet i just want to see if i can tell the robot to look for the name and then select the view icon

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Hey @Shazid_Rahman

Yes it’s possible.

All you need is to just play with the selector !


can you help me with that

and what activity are we going to use for this

Please show me the selector your using now ?

Hi @Shazid_Rahman,

Get the table with datascraping. Assign click inside the loop. Let this click use the index of the loop in the selector.

Try to use rowCount, id etc selectors. Test what time the first click starts. Then make it dynamic. For example, if it starts at 2, your index should also have a starting value of 2.