Same data from datatable in loop for each?

Hi guys,

Something, i don’t unterstand, i have like 150 rows in datatable, which i extracted from a table on the web.

Before i used to store that data on excel file, than i call this file so i can do what i need with it, now i told to my self why don’t i store, just leave it like that, do what i have to do, than at the end store in excel file.

The problem is that the for each loop keeps getting me the same row, each time? and i mean it’s loops on the other row but get the same value?

What did i do wrong?

Thank you

yes ofcourse we can keep the datatable as it is and make the required changes and then feed that to a excel atlast, but its all based on the process we carry out and depends on the individual who designs the process


usually for each row loop will surely loop through i.e., iterate to the next row one by one in a datatable passed to it
may be the data in the datatable in each row might be same

Cheers @mz3bel

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Thank you for you response @Palaniyappan

No the data ain’t the same, when i used an excel file, it iterated to the next rows fine, but when i took off the excel file… here i have the issue, i sure must have missed something. But don’t know what?

I kind found out the issue, the process was out of the for each loop, so it took the same data each time…

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