Salesforce - List All Records - filter variabel is null

Hi Together,
while using the activity “list all records” (salesforce activities - integration), how to use the where filter? I would like to filter a variable to get all records that are null.

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Please check this…This has valid filters and an example

Hope this helps


thanks for the link. I had a look at it as well but didn’t understand it.
I can’t select an “is null” operator:


Can you check if any upgrades are there?

and also the drop down depends on the lhs value may be…can you check the same…


@Anil_G ,

there are no upgrades available.

The second suggestion I did not really understand. I think it might depend on the setup in Salesforce. Some variables have only the like or = operator. Do you think the same?



Yes your understanding is correct.I guess that is the reason youa re not seeing i guess


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