Salesforce: Integration Service Trigger not detecting Records Created by APIs?

Hi there,

I’ve tried about 30 different configurations of “Record Created”-Triggers in the Integration Service of my Salesforce-UiPath setup (We have a cloud orchestrator). The only Time I ever had a trigger actually trigger a job was when I had a broad “Whenever a case in Type “X” is created” trigger running and I, myself, created a case in Salesforce.

We do, however, have an API running that creates hundreds of cases a day (always same subject, same type, same subtype, same creator (“API User”)), and I would want to trigger jobs whenever such a case is created.
I have tried dozens of combinations of fitting types, subtypes, subjects, “Created by ID” and “Last Modified by ID” Triggers and it never triggered unless I was the one creating a case manually.
“Record Updated” works fine, however, the API User checks all cases every 5 seconds for a specific attribute, and apparently, that counts as an update every single time, so I am creating thousands of jobs per hour if I use “Record Updated”. :-/

Does anyone have an Idea how I can configure my “Record created”-Trigger to actually trigger when an API-User creates a case in Salesforce? :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Hi @jannis.kruschel. We are looking into this and will get back to you.

Hi, We are able to get the trigger when we create a record in Salesforce. We just dropped a trigger in the Studio workflow and created a record in SFDC via UI and we could hit the trigger. Please let us know if you can do the same and if it works. Pasting snapshots below. Thanks