Sales Invoice Responsiveness

its working in first run but when second recored is entered it is unable to find the element what would be the reason of it

should i refresh the variable in 2nd run or leave it as it is?

Sorry @goharmalik - had some urgency at work and didn’t see the message.

When you say second record is entered, you mean on the page? The code I’ve given to you should be repeated for each of the selectors you have (I have it extracted as separate workflow so I can invoke it when I need it).

And yes, variables should be re-set for each of the selectors. If you can’t share the code, grab a screenshot and upload, let me see how you implemented it … or give me sudo code here.

thanks lot for your reply @Kemal i hope everything is fine at your side

the logic you told about is working in 2nd time record also but the problem i am facing is that when that element is found i have used text exist instead of element exists but when that loops is executed its taking alot of time for the next step to be executed .means when that text is takes almost 30 seconds for the next step i donot know why it is happening i have used timeoutms also i can share you the code here

sales (1.4 MB)

here it is…