Saleforce Activities to insert a new comment to a case in UIPATH

I am using UiPath Salesforce Activities to insert a new comment to a case in UiPath. I am able to do so. However, there are 2 additional fields like : Is Published and Is Notification enabled that requires the Boolean type variables to initialize.
I did create two variables with the same datatype. However, when I am assigning those in the activity (INSERT RECORD - Add Multiple Fields), it is throwing me an error “Option Strict on disallows implicit conversions from Boolean to String”.

Please help. I want to use the same activity only.

Basically that error means that you’re using a Boolean variable in a field that expects a String variable. Are you supposed to be providing “True” or “False” for the fields where you’re using the Boolean variables? If so, you could try just adding .ToString to the variable in the field, e.g. BoolVar1.ToString, BoolVar2.ToString.

Yes, I did try that:
Var1 of dataType (Boolean)
Var2 of dataType(Boolean)

In salesforce insert Record (configure parameters), I mentioned as below

Although it did not throw any errors, but upon checking on Salesforce, it does not update any current values of those variables to Salesforce Fields, it takes default values only.

Hi @sbehera

you need to explicitly convert the Boolean variables to strings.Create two Boolean variables to hold the values for Is Published and Is Notification Enabled.
Use an Assign activity to convert the Boolean variables to strings. Set the Value property of each Assign activity to the following expressions:

For Is Published:isPublishedAsString = isPublished.ToString()
For Is Notification Enabled:isNotificationEnabledAsString = isNotificationEnabled.ToString()

In the Salesforce INSERT RECORD activity, assign the converted string variables to the Is Published and Is Notification Enabled fields.For the Is Published field, assign isPublishedAsString. For the Is Notification Enabled field, assign isNotificationEnabledAsString.