Safran - RPA Developer / Monitoring - Hyderabad - India - Full Time

Job title: RPA Developer / Monitoring
Job role: RPA Developer
Country: India
City: Hyderabad
Company name: Safran
Employment Type: Full Time
Seniority level: Associate 3 to 5 years

Job Description:
For each process optimization study, your main missions will be:

  • to design the UiPath code in accordance with

the specification documents, namely the PDD (Process definition document) and use version control system (Gitlab)
the needs of the RPA Factory, as reusable librairies or ready-to-go automations

  • to produce and/or update the robot design document, necessary for the maintenance of the code, namely the SDD (Solution definition document)

  • to carry out a testing plan for the robot and to execute this plan

  • ensure regular reporting of the progress of activities to the Business Analyst or project manager in charge of managing development

  • to support our users during the test and acceptance of the RPA solution in its environment

  • to help the use of the virtual assistant by our customers through appropriate coaching

  • to take care of assigned TMA tickets (through ServiceNow)

Alongside with the DSIC team at Paris, and depending on your preferences, you may chose at least three of the following missions:

  • following the initiatives of internal societites in Safran

  • create some little demo robots

  • support users on their questions whether it is before starting the project (for analysis) or during their development phase

  • code review and update the conformity checklist when needed to, to ensure the quality of the delivery

  • check coherence among versions of documentations and codes

  • non regression tests (after massive upgrading dependencies)

  • create monitoring and performance tool analyzers on Orchestrator data (transaction items, queues, users, roles,…)

  • create a workflow analyzer

  • review old codes and update for optimization

  • help on marketing content to show success stories and engage end users

  • sensibilize users on RPA projects

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