Safran - RPA Application Technical Manager - Hyderabad - India - Full Time

Job title: RPA Application Technical Manager
Job role: RPA Infrastructure Manager
Country: India
City: Hyderabad
Company name: Safran
Employment Type: Full Time
Seniority level: Senior more than 5 years

Job Description:
Application Technical Management provides operational management of the Customers Application environment. This includes daily execution of the Customer’s business processes, by providing ongoing availability and performance of the Application environment.

Application Technical Management includes the following components:

  • Availability Management ( Monitor the status of an Application object for unexpected events, such as process failure or errors / Provide restart of the Service…)

  • Backup Management (It consists of scheduling, running, and verification of routine backups, and restoring the Application functionality from backup media in the case of failure.)

  • Documentation (Modification of exploitation or architecture documentation used for operating the application)

  • Housekeeping (Housekeeping is a set of operational activities, consisting of regular housekeeping of the servers, maintenance activities, and controlling the correct functioning of these tasks)

  • Monitoring (Application monitoring provides monitoring for an application or application component including different thresholds to monitor the application state and jobs execution)

  • Patch management (this Service provides the Application patch updates)

  • Release Management (Release management covers the activities to group and manage individual Application changes into logical and recognizable modules (releases) that need to be planned, developed, tested, and implemented in a coherent way. Release management also focuses on upgrading the current version of the Application software to a new release as provided by the Application vendor.

  • Security Management (the Security Management Service comprises managing the Operating System and Application environment in accordance with ISO 27001 standards)

  • Software Configuration Management (change parameter or configuration element on the application based on customer request.)

  • User Management (Management of the credentials of the user or service accounts used for the application execution or administration)

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