Safari Automation

Is it possible to automate Safari interactions using UiPath Studio?

Do we have any package or activities to acheive this automation?

Yes, it is possible to automate Safari interactions using UiPath Studio. UiPath provides a set of activities and packages that can be used to automate web interactions, including those with Safari browser.

To automate Safari, you can use the UiPath.Core.Activities package, which comes pre-installed with UiPath Studio. This package includes various activities that can interact with web browsers, such as opening browsers, navigating to specific URLs, filling forms, clicking buttons, extracting data, and more.

Here are some of the key activities you can use for automating Safari interactions:

  1. Open Browser: This activity allows you to open a new Safari browser window and navigate to a specific URL.
  2. Attach Browser: This activity helps you attach to an already open Safari browser window and perform interactions within it.

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