I am Using the RE-Framework to read the Queue Items, They are total 20 queue items mixed with various zones. Let us consider 4 zones. Each zone has different URLs to login into web portals.
Based upon the transaction item, the bot has to login into their zone with respect to their belonging portal and needs to update the data.
Is it possible to do with the use of RE-Framework ? Please Ellaborate ?

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It is possible…

In the process xaml we can add conditional flows to run depending on the type of system
Identified and open and login to the respective system


Hi Anil, Thanks for your response!!

On what basis we can categorize? Still am unable to conclude. Could you please elaborate.

@Harsha_S1 ,

Although, this does need more details for us to explain it in a very detailed manner. However, This is possible.

Note: Almost every type of an Automation is possible using an RE-Framework. You would just need to understand if it would be a better option to use it or not for your process scenario.

Take a Look at the Stages of RE-Framework and an implementation that could be assigned based on the Process details provided above.

  1. Init State - Open the Browser and log into a Portal (If a Generic Portal is to be opened for all zones.)
  2. Get Transaction State - Retrieve the Queue Item data. Pass this data onto the Process State.
  3. Process State - Open the Browser/ Navigate to url by passing the url of the zone from the queue item. Perform the steps for Updating the data in portal.
  4. Set Transaction Status - Queue Item will be updated to Success/Failure depending upon the execution in Process state.
  5. End Process - Log out from the Portals /Browsers.

The above is just an overview of the processing that could be done using an RE-Framework.

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The condition would be on zone…say you have 4 zones 1 to 4 respectively with individual urls…

Then we can use a switch case in process caml to first check if zone is 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 and accordingly respective url can be opened and logged in.

Hope this is clear


Hi, Thanks for your response.

Is it possible to decide for the bot based upon the particular transaction item, to login to particular zone portal. Please clarify.


Bot cannot decide automatically.you have to setup conditions and it works on them


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@Harsha_S1 ,
If By Logging you would mean retrieve the credentials for each of the zone and then use it for Log in, In that case, You would need to have a Mapping between the Data and the Credential that you would need to retrieve for the zones. Something in the below manner :

You could assume the Zone column to contain the data that would be available in the Queue item data. In this way, whenever a Queue Item data contains the Zone 1 , it will retrieve the Credential AA.

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