S100:S101 Excel Automation Data Size Limitation

Scenario 100:In Excel, How many rows we can add using UiPath studio? What is the limit of adding the data and utilizing the excel rows? Is there any limit? What is the Max Limit?

Scenario 101: Can we use Queues without Using RE-Framework? (Instead of adding the queues, can we do the whole procedure in Studio by using activities?

Thanks in Advance, Please clarify.


Hi @Harsha_S1 ,

Could you Check on the below clarification provided :


Yes, We should be able to work with Queues without using RE-Framework as well. However, we would need to implement the same logic or transitions as done in an RE-Framework to handle the different scenarios.

Also, We could do the operations without using Queues as well, It all depends on whether the Process is well suited for the Queue Design or the normal way of looping data in a Datatable/List/Collection and processing the data.


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