Runtimes available showing 0 in UIPath orchestrator while running a job

We have a non-production license allocated to a robot in orchestrator. There is only one single process in orchestrator. Sometimes when running the job, runtimes are showing 1 and available, in that case we are able to run the job in the machine and status is showing as running. But at times while trying to start the job, runtimes are showing as zero, though there are no processes running. As a work around, we disconnect UiPath assistant and reconnect, then it would show runtimes available as 1. We have one dedicated non-production unattended license allocated to the bot. What is the Permanent solution for this issue?


There are multiple reason behind this but we have solutions. To get the solutions more information required.

You have mentioned single process, how many bots are tagged to that process?
This license, connecting to multiple machines or multiple users as a floating method?