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I am new to using Orchestrator and cannot seem to figure out how to set the “Runtime Type”. I am attempting to run a process I have created through Orchestrator for the first time and keep running into this problem.



When I select “Runtime Type” I have no options to choose from. I am sure this is an easy fix just have not been able to find anything on this.
Thank you for your time!

Hi @zackattack0517,

If you are sure that your robot is connected and licensed, you need to add it to the folder where you want to run it.

Tenant > Folders > YourFolder > Machines > Manage

Add the connected robots to the corresponding folder.


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I have that set up as shown below.



You haven’t connected it to the machine yet. Open the robot assistant and connect the robot with the machine id.

That did not solve the problem but it is saying I do not have and production (Unattended). How do I fix this?


It seems you’re not added the robot account!

Please follow the below steps…

1.Tenant->Manage Access->Select your account->Edit->Robot Setup

provide the following


Win+R → TYPE whoami->copy the code and provide it in Domain/Username

Credential store

Orchestrator Database


Your windows password

Credential type

Windows credentials

Then click on save.


I did that and it now shows that my user robot type is unattended. However I am still running into the same problem as first stated.


Try this:

Admin->Robots & Licenses->Users->License allocate to Tenant->Allocation licence → Allocate the Production license to that account…



So when I go there I see DefaultTenant and not my User. Should the Tenant name be the same as my User name?


No, it can be anything…

Click on that box thing… now you can use the dialogue box appears…

Provide the production robot to 1 you can see how many you’ve…

Just change it to 1…


Okay, I think I found the issue. I was attempting to run it from the UiPath cloud runtime but my process is not cross-platform. However, it will be best for me to run it off of the server on location. So I just need to set up the server as an unattended.

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