Runtime Execution error:

Hi, I am running a process named Single_payment and getting this error. Please provide any insights.

18:10:48.8716 Error {“message”:“Single_Payment: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”,“level”:“Error”,“logType”:“Default”,“timeStamp”:“2019-07-03T18:10:48.8716091+07:00”,“fingerprint”:“8f36fce0-ec16-42c5-85a5-e70e3eb207aa”,“windowsIdentity”:“TKK-VM-ST-CFO-E\ebp.admin”,“machineName”:“TKK-VM-ST-CFO-E”,“processName”:“Single_Payment”,“processVersion”:“1.0.0”,“jobId”:“c8e89225-6ad3-4907-aba7-d1470c1c3c23”,“robotName”:“EBP.ADMIN”,“machineId”:0,“fileName”:“Single_Payment”}


The problem is due to passing null value to one of the variables inside the workflow. Can you check that?

If possible, attach the workflow.

Hi @HareeshMR i have already checked the assignment of variables. Not helping

Check again if your variables are getting values by using message box…

If your workflow doesn’t contain sensitive data, you can send it so that I can check and let you know the issue