Runtime Execution Error getting rectangle out of a bitmap - <System.Drawing.bitmap.Clone>

I’m processing emails with my workflow
the method **<System.Drawing.bitmap.Clone> is inside an assign activity
I use it to read only a predefined portion of a pdf attachment with OCR
execution flow:

_save pdf attachment
_export .pdf to .bmp file
_save .bmp file to <System.Drawing.bitmap> variable
_pass variable as argument to another workflow
_save portion of bitmap argument to another bitmap variable with the aforementioned method**

most of the time it works but seemingly randomly it doesn’t and it gives me this exception even if the activity is inside a try catch block

0xE0434352 is the exception code for all .NET exceptions so that won’t tell you much.

Your best bet is to use a debugger to get more information. Let it break on the exception, and see if you can get more information on the why.

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