Running UIPath Robot 24/7

Hi there,

I’ve hired a programmer who created for me a UIPath robot to automate some things on a software.

Now he used image recognition ( I don’t know what you call it…) to detect the places where to click to execute the processes on the software since he couldn’t UIPath couldn’t detect them with selectors.

I’ve uploaded the robot + the software into a VPS thinking it will run 24/7 without me interfering… well, the bad news is that even with my VPS, I still need to keep my PC ON for it to work.

Is there any way, I can have my UIPath robot in a VPS working 24/7 without having my local PC working?


I think you should find answers here Running the process at VPS or VM - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

Only with help of orchestator you would be able to run robot 24/7

Connecting Robots to Orchestrator (

You required orchestrator and unattended robot license to run the bot on unattended mode