Running UiPath on the remote server

Hi all,

I am running uipath on the remote server, the funny thing is, when i ran the code on my local PC, it got the result as my expected, however, when it ran on the remote server, it didn’t have exception, but the output is not as expected.

When I just opened the remote server,
the first time running cannot get expected result, the excel always get different errors in the output such as lose a column or lose a value, but the value is in a loop, for example:

the value of cells entitlement are in a loop, like the loop from 1 to 2 to 3, the Beneficiary name from A to B to C, the entitlement also should have values, the percentage and dollars should be in the blue circles.

However, after the first time running, the 2nd running, the 3rd running… I didn’t change anything, just try to run again and again, all works good with expected output.

But I never have these errors on my local PC, which is Windows 7 , my remote server is windows 2016 standard on a citrix environment.

Is this caused by cache? my remote server do not have uipath studio, only have uipath robot which used to run the package I published.

How could it be like this? Any hint any idea that I can do? anything please
I am struggling on this one for one week…

Thanks so much!

Can you try adding delays between entering the text into excel.
It might be faster on your machine but may be slow on remote machines.

Try this and check if that works.
And also before starting the process, kill all the excel processes. Sometimes excel processes will be running in the background and the behavior is unexpected.

Karthik Byggari

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It works, thanks a lot! save my life


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