Running Scheduled job in Orchestrator. Nothing Happening


I’m running a workflow in Orchestrator and nothing appears to be happening. I have read in community that the workflow needs to be the ‘main’ workflow, which I believe it is.

I have read that the json file needs to point to the main file, which I believe it does:

I have noticed that the UiPath files in the file folder no longer show up with the UiPath Icon…I’m wondering if this is in anyway related to the issue I’m having:

Any ideas are very welcome.


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Hi @Jake_R - Kindly check your machine connected with Orchestrator? If connected then please check with UiRobot service is running. If all fine then Publish the package and Run the Job from Orchestrator after following all the necessary steps like Robot and Job Creation in Orchestrator

Buddy @Jake_R

Its just like how we do in programming language scrips, like we will be having a Program class where we will be having a static Main that would call the other methods to run in an integrated way. similar here buddy we have Main xaml which is our Class program and other xaml workflows are our methods,

So when ever a projct is run from orchestrator it will look for our project.json with our main key, and based on the value that key has , it will take that and run the project.
As you are saying you have that in right position, you can check whether the process in orchestrator is tagged to the correct package here in studio, sometimes we mismatch that it happens or still if that looks good, check whether the process in orchestrator is updated with the recent published package, because we might have published the process in studio and would have not updated that in orchestrator, so kindly check that as well, or even still if doesn’t work properly you can chekck whether the right robot is ran from orchestrator, (this is something we wont do, but cross checking is for betterment, so no worries buddy ) try these things and let know buddy
Its easy you can sort this out easily

Cheers @Jake_R

were you able to get it run buddy @Jake_R

Hi Anand,

Thank you for your suggestions.


Hi Palaniyappan,

Good suggestions. I have not been able to resolve this, but I may be on the right track after looking at your comments.

I went to publish my workflow again as you suggested and noticed that the version # updated in the UiStudio pop-up, but the workflow version # did not update in orchestrator. I then went to search my UiPath files and found that I have something odd happening which may be due to multiple installations:

Here is the location where I believe the versions are supposed to be updated:

Here is the results of publishing a new version from the file I am intending to use:

Thanks so much for all your help!

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Thats amazing buddy…it happens …no worries…
Cheers @Jake_R

Certainly. Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

@papaniyappan Might there be some way to update the file or path in Orchestrator to find the correct version?

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Yes buddy in orchestrator we have process tab where we can change the version buddy

Looks good. I was able to access the versions and assign it to the most recent:

However it still seems to be running nothing. I’ll look into this more and update this post with what I find. Any other ideas of where to look in the meantime?

Thanks again for all your help!



Hi Jake,

Here are few steps that I might take up if I find issues in running scheduled jobs from orchestrator:

  1. Check whether its published successfully - if not it might be a publishing problem that needs a fix
  2. Check Orch. and robot connection - also, see what kind of robot license do you have. An attended robot license does not run when locked - (you might have scheduled it when your VM/PC is locked)
  3. If JSON file is not present then it might not publish, if it still publishes run and create new project.json by running the bot from tray and manually check the dependencies.
  4. If the robot is occupied the schedules might not run.
  5. Multiple installations issue - reinstall the studio and transfer/update files in the directory see whether you can browse them and again publish them and check whether latest version is available in orch.
  6. Maybe restarting Robot service might help - and check the connection.

Finally during development and testing if you are connected to an orchestrator and if it runs fine then there might be a different issue. But, if you are running it locally during Dev/testing then it might be publishing/orch/json/connection issue. Make sure you aren’t using platform.uipath - as I have found it might be offline for maintenance occasionally.

You should have Orchestrator License, studio license, unattended robot license.

Hope this solves your issue.


Hi Raghavendraprasad,

Thanks for the extensive feedback. Apologies in advance that I’m a rookie so I have a bit of confusion. Going through your points one at a time:

  1. It appears to publish successfully. I get a message that publishing is successful and, as indicated in the pic from the previous post, I am able to find the new published version in Orchestrator

  2. The orchestrator and robot say they are connected. How do I check what kind of robot I have? It appears on Orchestrator with type ‘development’. Because I am using a community version it appears I cannot select the other options. Do you think this is related to my issue?

  3. It does appear to publish without issue. Where am I looking for the JSON file? I’m unclear about the meaning behind the rest of the message in bullet 3 (ie how to run/create new JSON file and/or how to check dependencies

  4. I am only running one machine, one process and one robot. I’m not sure if the robot would be occupied or how to resove

  5. Seems like a good idea: I’ve already reinstalled previously. I believe this may be the source of the issue (having two versions). I’m cautious to do so again. At what point in the process am I able to ‘transfer/update’ files? It sounds like a good idea, but when i did this previously I didn’t see that option. Is it in the ‘Custom’ installation settings?


Hi There Jake.

I got your issue.,

It’s the second point., you have a Development robot whose functionality is similar to attended robot (if I am not wrong) please buy an unattended robot license for Schedules and orchestrator to trigger jobs remotely without logging into the VM/Dev machine.

Hope this solves your issue :slight_smile: