Running Project, not doing anything, no errors and not ending

I am currently on week 2, have done the ‘moving invoices’ which when I clicked ‘run project’ it starts to run and on the outputs stated ‘execution started’ however the project keeps running, nothing happens and it does not end. I receive no errors to indicate I have done something incorrect in my project. I checked the solution and this was done correct, so I moved on. Now I have done my next project for organising files, again same problem when running project. Again no errors and nothing happening in the folder. I have checked the solution and have it all correct. I even opened up the solution project and amended with my folder paths.

I am at a loss, with no errors and project not completing I think something may be up with my StudioX

To add to this, I have re-ran my unicorn name project and this is doing the same, just running no actions.

can you please post a picture of the workflow?
what studiox version are you using?

I have resolved this. After a full system restart it worked (restarting StudioX did not resolve).

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