Running process in multiple global locations- license and set up info

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I need your input on below scenario.

scenario : I need to run my process in 10 different global locations (like US, Australia ,Europe etc) in 10 different laptops .

what are the setup I require to run the process in 10 laptops? do I need 10 licenses ?
(In case of tradition automation like Selenium -Jenkins , we have concept of master slave machines , we need only compatible browser in VMs )

Whoever is working on UiPath and possessing good knowledge ,kindly share your input.



Yes you need 10 robot license to run the bots in 10 different machines at the same time. And also you need UiPath Orchestrator for centralized setup. You can develop a process in a single machine and execute in 10 machines by Publishing in Orchestrator.

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Can you check this post below and see if it answer about your questions?

Diego Turati

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Thank You Diego!!

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@Niraj_Chandra You can develop the workflows in an single machine with a developer/studio licence , you don’t need 10 licence for developing the workflow.

You can refer a video on licences in Uipath academy for more clarification on licensing.