Running parallel unattended robot on the same server?

Hi, I have to run 4 unattended robots on the one server.
So it would be possible to run all at the same time on one server, but I have 4 profile but on the window standard server, only 2 logins are allowed to log in. So please suggest how can I run 4 robots at the same on one server with different user logins. ??

Note - My main question is only two users are allowed to physically logins at the same time on the window server???
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Do we have a chance to increase this count from our side before configuring the concurrent runtime
Cheers @balkishan

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Yes we can increase the count, but the problem is only two can logins at the same time.

We can create as many number of profile, but only 2 logins are allowed at the same time???

May I know why so
Is that a restriction
Cheers @balkishan

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Yes, bro it’s a restriction, this is the main problem here.

So running multiple Unattended robots simultaneously on the same machine with different logins, do we need a physically logins for all at the same time??

Well it’s not like physical login but we need n number of different users

Palani, we can increase the number of count, like I have 5 different logins on the same machine, but only two logins are allowed to logins at same time.

If we’re running all 5 unattended robots simultaneously on the same machine, will it run for all 5 different logins at the same time on the same machine. ???

I already mentioned only two logins are allowed to login at same time

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hmm…were you able to add users to your server with COMPUTER MANAGEMENT
(search the same in START option)
but i still wonder whether we can login to that server as you said only two is allowed, even though we add users and their account
@Pablito kindly help us on this pls

cheers @balkishan

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In that case, all 5 BOTS also can’t login into the machine as it has this restriction.

If possible use one more additional system.

Hi Guys,
Default restriction over Windows Server is that it can take only up to 2 simultaneous logon at a time. But it’s not let’s say physical limitation but RDS Licence limitation. If you want to have possibility to log more that two users to the server you need to buy additional RDS/RDP licence from MS and configure it in the Remote Dekstop role on this server.