Running parallel background selenium processes, job is going into pending state

I am running selenium as headless in invoke code using a C# Code marking the process as background process similarly I want to run many C# selenium headless code parallelly at once but still my job is going into pending state, Do we have any resolution for this, is there any possibility selenium making the process foreground somehow ?

You are running it unattended? Have you considered number of required licenses?

Source: Robot - Background Process Automation -

@efelantti Yes I am running it as unattended. so even background process will consume number of license per process. I had read like we can run background process and foreground process parallelly without any issue ? so can’t we run multiple background process on same machine but it’s going to consume license for each is it ?

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In your case, if you’re running multiple unattended robots (background processes) in parallel on the same machine, each robot will consume a separate unattended robot license.

It is possible to run multiple background processes in unattended mode but it depends on concurrent licensing and it is based on the number of robots license (attended or unattended) you have in the concurrency settings

In this scenario
You can use the Run Parallel Process activity in your background processes to start other processes, based on triggers you need. Processes started by this activity run independently. For example, a background process which monitors particular actions can start a new process (foreground or background) and continue to monitor the specific action without being interrupted. A background process loaded by this activity starts right away, even if a foreground and one or more background processes are already running.

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On an attended robot it would consume only one license.