Running multiple independent BOTS as one batch job

I am new to UiPath. I have multiple independent BOTS that produces associated log files.
I want to run all BOTS sequentially in a specific order.

Like running multiple application\package in a batch job.
Is there anything like this in UiPath or orchestrator?

I will be grateful for any documentation use case or same code \ wrapper \ templet if any


you can schedule your jobs in orchestrator


If you want them to run sequentially why not just make it all one process?

Thanks. But for me to complex to have them all in one process. They are all unrelated. I can merge all the reports from each bot and report.

You could literally use your existing XAML files and put them into one project then simply use Invoke Workflow to call each one in order.

And then it’s less complex because it eliminates this problem with trying to figure out how to run multiple Jobs in succession.

Thanks. It is not clear. So what do I do ?
cleat a new work flow and past all xml files from the other bots?

Hello @endy

You can do that with Invoke process activity if you are already conncted to orchestrator. You can publish the packages to orchestrator and from there use invoke process and call one by one.

Else you can put all the xml to a simgle project and use invoke workflow activity. Plz watch the below video for the udnerstanding of both.

Thank you for the resource link.