Running Mobile Orchestrator Processes “Job configuration is invalid” issu


After development in UiPath Studio, [Publish], set as UiPath Orchestrator on the web, and run with UiPath Assistant. The following error message appears when running a normally working process in Mobile Orchestrator. How can I fix it? Any help would be appreciated!!

This is the machine loaded into UiPath Orchestrator.

Processes registered with Automations

UiPath Assistant Preferences

어시스턴트 실행
Run UiPath Assistant

어시스턴트 실행
successful logging

Logging to Mobile Orchestrator

Running Mobile Orchestrator process message

No machines on mobile

If you ignore the message and just run it, you get an [Error] message

The process works without any problem on the web, but the above error occurs on mobile. How can I fix it?

Do I need to register the machine separately in the mobile app?

thank you