Running jobs without PC switched on

is it possible to run jobs without PC switched on?
For example what must contain a process to do data scrapping and save extracted data table somewhere and send this in e-mail?

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Locking a system is fine bot will try to login and run
But while shutdown robot won’t work that When the machine is switched off, it will try to run the job, but it will fail because there is no machine available to run the process.

And for this

First to analyse, this process can be done in unattended mode

So try in that way like use a REMOTE SERVER which willl get connected with a credential
That is in locked or sleep mode
But not in shutdown mode

Hope this clarifies your query

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We need a different mechanism than UiPath (e.g. Wake on LAN.).



Interesting but I feel like this requires one more license to run a robot and send the signal and the respective machine is like on sleep mode

The message is usually sent to the target computer by a program executed on a device connected to the same local area network

If it’s in sleep mode it is still possible
But being at shutdown is like machine is turned off - no power transmitted
Which will eventually fail when orchestrator searches for it as a robot

Cheers @Yoichi @Michal_Podlasin


It surprised me because I thought that it’s common use (running jobs without PC). I thought that because of clouds popularity it’s possible to have for example windows PC in cloud and run jobs in this cloud while not using own PC. If not AWS/Azure/Google cloud platform maybe ui path own cloud.
There is something like this : Automation Cloud Services - Governance of RPA Projects | UiPath

Hi @Michal_Podlasin ,

In many cases, as we still have in-company system in intranet, our PC is need to be in Intranet (including virtual private cloud). So, at this time, we need to make environment which is run jobs by ourselves. As UiPath supports major cluod IaaS (VM) as the following, we can also choose them.


Wake on LAN is a hardware-oriented technology. And it can turn on PC even if it’s shut down (Power is turned off). One of recent major platform with it is Intel VPro. Some 3rd parties support VPro and turn on PC from even different network segment with their management console, if proper settings.


Okay, then I don’t need a cloud. I can put my PC on sleep mode, but while running the job from a smartphone my PC is not automatically log in and execute tasks. Do I need to add something extra to a process? If yes what I need to do?

Do I understand correctly that with Elastic Robot Orchestration it’s possible to run jobs in AWS/GCP or Azure? If yes is it possible with community edition?


If we want to just run jobs on VM in AWS,GCP or Azure, we don’t always need Elastic Robot orchestration, beacuse It’s mostly same as local PC.
The above service provides advanced management with VM and robot.


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