Running it out of studio

I’ve made a robot, what do I need to do to make it so someone can use it (aka run it), without changing it. Firstly I tried to send someone the file, but all the web recordings that I had done didn’t work and I’m not going through and recording them all again every time somebody else wants to use it on their computer, if that makes any sense at all!!

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I hope it should work making the selector dynamic with wildcards * so that it can be run in other machines as well
–because that is how it should be even if we are trying to move a bot to a production environment
Kindly check that once your colleagues can use them as well

But still there are many ways to integrate them as well
–you can create a robot in orchestrator and run the process through that robot from orchestrator
–if those people are given access to that orchestrator they can run the process whenever they want
–we can create a process in such a way like we can send them a mail with final report or a notification mail that bot has completed the process as well

hope this wuld help you
Cheers @Olivia_Winter