Running Automated Jobs in OEDQ

Looking for some advice on how to automate jobs in OEDQ. As it stands the program will only interact with the citrix recorder. The process I’m trying to capture is relatively simple. Open the project tree, run a specific job, and then run 2 more similar jobs following this logic.

The steps i have taken so far is to launch a browser (OEDQ), signin,). I then try to record using citrix and the click text activity, anchoring to the job title and its corresponding buttons. When i try my test clicks the robot successfully opens the tree but wont run.

1 anchor “projects”
2 click radio button to the left

3 anchor “job title”
4 click radio button to the left

5 anchor “job”
6 click radio button to the left

7 anchor “name of job”
8 click radio button to run

any suggestions. I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

Hi Liam,

What do you mean when you say “opens the tree but won’t run”? The “job” you have pointed in your screenshot won’t open? The Robot won’t perform the 8th step?

Hi, so what will happen is that when i start citrix and establish my anchors and test the click function on the radio buttons im able to open the trees in the recording environment. When i finish recording, the process wont execute the panels. The robot will find all the anchors and can click each button in record mode but wont run it after i save the recorded sequence. I’ve provided an example of the first step. which is anchoring and clicking the “projects” button


open citrix
click text
click projects
click on indicate anchor
click projects again
screen scraping window appears
copy text to be found as projects
set mouse position
indicate on screen - this is where i select the radio button
click test - this opens the tree
and then i hit continue and save but it will not execute.